Njeri – Life History

I was born and raised in korogocho a slam in Nairobi,I come from a family of three,my mum ,my sister and I.
After 10 years of living with my family full of happiness ,my mum passed away and from there my life changed completely 😭😭.
I was then taken by my aunt who had three kids of the same age as me and we lived together,so this aunty took me as a house maid at a young age of 10 years and also taking care of her children of which her first born was older than me.i could wash the clothes , cook , mop and may more house work.
My aunt could weep me as if I am a nobody for just no reason,it continued for two years u till I found the courage to tell my teacher what is happening in my life.i narrated everything to my teacher and there she contacted me to the community transformers.

So it was on Tuesday 9th of February when I was taken to treehouse children family,it’s a home were I found peace love and enough food for a better health,I found good family full of happiness all day,in treehouse I found shelter, clothing,in short I was provided with all the besic needs I needed as a small kid,I was taken to a better school and continued with my schooling since I had dropped for a while, untill I completed my primary school.
After primary,I was enrolled to join form one that s junior high school and went till form four and completed high school.

After I joined college,did airport operations as a course and graduated. When am still in treehouse children family.

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